Terms and Conditions

The Confederation of Farmers of Portugal (hereinafter "CAP") is headquartered at Rua Mestre Lima de Freitas, 1549-012, Lisboa and is the holder of the tax identification number and identification of corporate person 501 155 350.

These Terms and Conditions have been categorized and govern the use of the CAP Website (hereinafter "the Site") and the News CAP application (hereinafter the "Application") available on the Apple Store and Google Play. CAP reserves the right to change the terms and conditions whenever necessary, advising regular inquiries to this document, for this reason.

1. Contents and Protection of Property
Content of the Site or Application is understood to mean all information on the Site, including text, images, video, design, software and programming code. All of this content is the property of CAP, it is protected by copyright under Portuguese and European Union laws - so it cannot be used without the expressly written consent of the CAP, except for the permitted private use by law.
The intellectual property rights of all content belong to CAP, including but not limited to tools, information, graphics, photographs, advertisements, images and text. This content is protected by law and CAP rejects any kind of abusive use of it. The misuse of these data will naturally lead to the liability, including that of a criminal context, of the offender.
Access to the content of the Site or the Application is carried out in a completely free and open way.
CAP reserves the right to interrupt access to its Site or Application whenever it is necessary and for as long as it deems necessary.

2. Registration Procedure for Newsletter and Notifications

To follow the news published on the CAP Site, following topics and sections, the user must subscribe to our Newsletter through one of the forms available on the Site or through the application notifications preference page. The user who subscribes to our newsletter will be designated as a Subscriber.

After registering for our Newsletter, the Subscriber will receive an automatic E-mail from CAP that will serve to

- Validate the E-Mail entered by the Subscriber;

- The Subscriber defines the preference of sending the Newsletter (Periodicity, Sections and Topics)

- The subscriber explicitly agrees with these Terms and Conditions and with CAP Privacy Policy;

No newsletters will be sent to any Subscriber who has not validated their E-Mail or has not agreed to these Terms and Conditions and to CAP Privacy Policy.

3. Suspension or cancellation of the Newsletters

At any time, the Subscriber may, through a persistent hyperlink on the sent newsletters, change their data, suspend or cancel the sending of the Newsletter.

CAP reserves the right to stop sending the Newsletter whenever necessary and for as long as it deems necessary.
4. Pre-registration to CAP courses
Users can Pre-Register for one of the Courses taught by CAP.
The Pre-Registration will be handled by the Professional Training Center of the responsible CAP or by the Northern Training Center.
The enrollment in a CAP training will only be considered effective and valid after the CAP Professional Training Center contacts the candidate and formally signs the Application.
To find out more information about the CAP Training Centers and the Northern Training Center, click here: Training Centers
5. Application to CAP Membership
Site users can apply for a CAP membership as long as they meet the requirements.
The application will be received by CAP services and the user will be contacted by our services through the communication medium deemed most appropriate.
To find out more information about the CAP membership application, click here: Member Registration
6. Privacy policy
To clarify your doubts about privacy and data protection policies, click here: Privacy Policy
7. Contact for Clarification of Inquiries
CAP has a service to clarify issues related to the use of its platforms, including these terms and conditions. You can contact this service by mail, to the address Rua Mestre Lima de Freitas, n1. 1549-012 Lisboa or by e-mail to cap@cap.pt.